Elizabeth Tayem, MS



Elizabeth Tayem is an author, speaker, Family-Parenting Consultant, and Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with the American Association of Drugless Practitioner. She has a BS in Psychology (with a minor in Child Learning and Development) and an MS in Developmental Psychology (with an emphasis in Human Development and Early Childhood Disorders) from the University of Texas at Dallas. 


Elizabeth was born and raised in Cameroon, West Africa. She is a Naturalized US Citizen and a Texas resident for almost two decades. She is married to Dr. Eric Tayem Tangumonkem, and they are blessed with five God-given children. As a Parenting Consultant and Health Practitioner, Elizabeth is passionate and loves helping parents in their parenting journey and individuals in their health journey. 

At DITAWA (DO IT THE ANCIENT WAY APPROACH), she uses the ancient way approach to address the problems faced by modern-day parents and their young growing families. She also addresses many of the health problems that our fast-paced society is experiencing, emphasizing the root causes of these health problems. 


As a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, her approach to alternative ways of healing the body physically, spiritually, and emotionally is to look at the root causes of the problems and not the symptoms. Although she does not diagnose, she considers the following underlying factors that potentially lead to poor health: Environmental Influences such as food, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, infections, etc. Her holistic health approach based on DITAWA will help set you on a path to vibrant health.


In family and parenting consulting, her expertise and the DITAWA approach have been practiced for almost two decades. Her expertise in this area will help improve the relationship with your child/children and that of your spouse. The peace, joy, and happiness that God intended for each family to experience will be restored in your home and family life. 

As one who was raised by a single mother, the youngest of five, she understands very well the challenges parents face. Watching her mother raise her three brothers and her sister made Elizabeth develop a strong passion for seeing parents develop a secure attachment bond with their child(ren) from the early years of development right into their teenage years.  Elizabeth understands that when the attachment is securely established, it will have a positive impact on children in their adult years. 

“Each one of us has a story, and the story of our journey started somewhere. Sometimes it is hard to put a finger on all that life circumstances threw at us that has subtly crept into our family life eventually affecting our children and causing the family not to have the optimum peace, joy, and happiness they deserve."

"Because it is my passion to see families thrive, I am happy to work alongside each family and their child(ren) by creating a safe and secure environment for you to have a new and positive outcome for your family and child(ren.)"


DITAWA will bring you the true meaning of what God originally intended for mankind: to live a vibrant life and to have a healthy, happy family unit that will reach their full potential in all areas.

For any question call: 214-908-3926, Email: elitayem2104@gmail.com.