• Elizabeth Tayem

His Work, Her Work, God's Work

I understand that some may not agree with me on this and that’s fine.

If you are a married man or woman and you are constantly traveling from one place to the other alone without your wife/husband and you give the excuse that you are doing what God called you to do, then you are making a huge mistake. Why I am saying so is because God doesn’t call a married person alone. If you say God called you to do His work, and that work needs you to travel, then you have to travel with your wife/husband. If the reason your wife cannot go with you is because your children are still young, then it’s not yet time for you to start doing the so-called “work.” Therefore, you have to take care of your young family first. Be there for them, and when they are old enough, you and your wife/ husband can travel to the ends of the earth.

Marriage is a covenant, and the family is the basic building block for any functional society. Therefore, when children come into a married, husband and wife must prioritize raising them.

The good news is that your parenting calling has a time frame; it goes very fast. As such, make good use of it.

For those who are married and do not have children and you feel God has called you to do His “work,” there is absolutely no reason why you should continuously be traveling from place to place without your wife/husband. Your wife/husband is your God-given responsibility. As such, you can NOT afford to delegate others to take care of your husband/ wife while you are gone all the time in the name of doing “God’s work”.

“You are always going to be a parent, but you’re not always going to be Parenting.” Elizabeth Tayem

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