Tayem Parenting Consulting services provides parents with a customized parenting structure that is implemented in their family lifestyle for a successful outcome, including the following:


• Stress management in the family

• Support individual parents to reduce conflicts


• Services for divorced or never married (co-)parents struggling to communicate and make parenting decisions together 

• Resolve conflicts for co-parents

• The process to help divorced couples settle out of court


• Help children transition smoothly with a new sibling, stepmother/father


• Practical problem solving to reduce power struggles between parents and their young children’s challenging behaviors. Such as tantrums, biting, hitting, throwing of toys, fighting during tooth brushing, diaper changes, name-calling, baby talk, and picky eaters, etc.

• Practical ways for your child to deal with a bully 

• Practical ways to handle and deal with a strong will child

• Developmental screening to identify red flags in young children ages 0-5 years and referral services

• Practical ways of building high self-esteem in your young child (children) in the early years of development

Teen study group

• Practical ways of building high self-esteem in your adolescents and teenagers.

• Group Therapy for parents with adolescents and teenagers struggling with peer pressure  

• Group therapy for fathers with teenage boys

• Group therapy for mothers with teenage girls

• Practical ways to relate effectively with your adolescents and teenagers, and develop a solid attachment bond that will help them as they grow and enter the world

• Practical ways for your adolescents and teenagers to deal with a bullies

• Practical ways for parents to help their child (children) with ADD, ADHD, ODD etc.

• Practical ways to handle and deal with a  "STRONG WILLED" adolescent and teenager

Family in the Kitchen

• Solid nutrition research-based information on how to raise healthy eaters and overcome the obesity epidemic that is sweeping across the globe 

• Resources on how to manage and re-adjust your schedule due to a newborn in the family


• How to create a child-friendly home that will yield a maximum outcome in the cognitive, language, gross and fine motor skills, social and emotional development

• Home services regarding structure, arrangement, or organization in your home (with an additional fee)

• How to psychologically prepare to start a family

Therapy Session

• Group Therapy for parents with young/school-age children

• Developmental screening to identify red flags in younger children 0-5 years and referral services


• Workshops on Special Topics in Child Development in the early years.

Mother and Daughter

• The reasons parents are adopting

• What age and gender to adopt

• Preparing for your adoptive child


• How to create and build a strong attachment bond with your adoptive child

• Strategies on how to resolve pre-existing parent/child relationship issues